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CHICAGO (CBS) – Weeks after Morning Insiders reported on Lisle Man’s efforts to have a military academy in Wisconsin repay a donation made by his elderly father with dementia, St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy agreed to return all the money. .

Last month, George Hillier told CBS 2’s Tim McNicholas that his father had donated thousands of dollars to St. John’s, where he previously worked.

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At the time, George said he suspected his father’s health was collapsing, but was unaware he was suffering from dementia.

“He said, ‘Well, son,’ and there was a hiatus,” Hillier said. He said, ‘Son, that’s easy to do when you’ve got $ 63 million in the bank. “

He says his father doesn’t have nearly $ 63 million.

“I laughed and thought he was laughing at me,” Hillier said. “But very quickly I realized he was very serious.”

It was at this point that Hillier began to take a closer look at his father’s health and learned from a family doctor that his father had dementia.

He started to worry more about his father’s finances. Turns out her father donated at least $ 16,000 to the school over the course of several months.

George said that due to his dementia, his father needed financial supervision. He thinks his father may have intended to donate a few thousand, but what for the rest?

“They should come back to us so that I can use them for their care,” he said at the time.

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But getting a refund from St. John’s was not easy. The emails show a back and forth between George’s attorneys and the school’s attorneys, regarding medical and legal documents.

In April of this year, Hillier’s attorney sent a letter from a doctor saying his father had dementia and “required monitoring for financial matters.”

But the school lawyer said that for a refund they would need more documentation. A spokesperson for the school said they are still “considering” the family’s request.

“I hope they see this story and think ‘wow they made a big mistake here with the Hilliers’,” said George.

He moved his parents to a memory care facility earlier this year.

“They had a great life together,” he said.

In August, St. John’s said that once they got the additional documents they requested, they can move forward to a resolution. They say George Hillier’s parents are both loved by their academy and want to make sure all the right steps are taken.

On Thursday, George informed CBS 2 that St. John’s had agreed to refund 100% of the money his father had given.

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“People empathize with people who are going through a lot of things taking care of their aging parents,” Hillier wrote in an email.

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