‘We’re overwhelmed, to put it mildly’: Courts, community action agencies and lawyers are inundated with eviction cases | Local News


The program has John Deere attorneys who volunteer as mediators, but panelists said those mediators face additional work pressures as a result of the strike.

The goal of the overall program is to spare Quad-Cities homeless resources additional strain, avoid destabilization and trauma resulting from removing a home, and ensuring that homeowners can get payment to manage their expenses, the panelists said.

Lund said Wednesday morning that there were 364 homeless on the streets, or 267 households in the Quad-Cities that the organization was aware of.

“We don’t have the capacity in our service area for a large influx of homeless people,” Lund said.

Delay in aid has consequences

At Project NOW, the average wait time to make an appointment and apply for rent assistance is 30 days, said Ron Lund, director of community services. This means that there are around 540 rent assistance applicants outstanding at any given time.

Private lawyers are assisted from three weeks to a month to represent clients or draft a rental agreement, a representative of the Rock Island Bar said.

To clear the backlog, Project NOW hired nine new people for its community services division earlier this week, three of whom will be making specific appointments. What is currently two people taking 18 appointments per day, will soon grow to five taking 45 appointments per day in total, Lund said.

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