Marc Curran: I think some of these prosecutors who took Soros’ money and let everyone out and don’t prosecute violent crimes as they should, that they are a danger to America, but at the same time…

Watch Berkowitz with Mark Curran (R-Libertyville), GOP nominee for IL S CT 2nd Dist. headquarters (Voters in Lake, McHenry, Kane, Kendall and DeKalb counties can vote in this race) in Part 2 of the interview, focusing on crime, bail, guns and the 4th of July tragedy in Highland Park: Cable or by visit here:

  • Tonight (Saturday) in Aurora, 6 p.m., Cable Ch. 10 (all Aurora voters can vote in the 2n/a Stroke Dist S CT)
  • Tomorrow (Sunday) morning in Chicago, 8:32 a.m., CH 19 (CAN TV)
  • Monday and Wednesday at Highland Park, 8:30 p.m., Cable Ch 19 (all Highland Park voters can vote in the 2n/a Stroke Dist S CT)
  • Or 24/7 on the Internet:

The Dems have a 4-3 majority on the Supreme Court, but if the GOP wins both open seats (2nd and 3rd districts, both purple) in November, the GOP will have a majority over the IL S CT for the 1st times in 60 years.

You can also watch the interview featuring former IL Ass’t Attorney General and current GOP 2nd District IL Supreme Court nominee Mark Curran by visiting here:

On this week’s public affairs show with Supreme Court nominee and former Lake County prosecutor and sheriff Mark Curran, the the discussion turns to Curran’s opinions and gestalt on the courts’ detention of defendants before trial, skyrocketing crime, guns, the tragic 4th of July shooting in Highland Park, the IL Firearms Restraining Order Act, and the build-up to that horrific 4th of July massacre (which most likely could have been prevented by some segments of law enforcement, e.g., IL State Police and /or the Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office being more pro-active in recent years).

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