Those unhappy with the economy must vote Republican in November

OWe are four months away from the midterm elections and the contrast between Republican and Democratic leaders is evident. Inflation is at its highest level in 40 years, economists warn of a recession and families worry about their finances as gas and grocery prices continue to rise. Yet Republican-led states continue to prove that, despite President Joe Biden and Democratic policies, our economy box get back on track.

This month, the Department of Labor released
showing that, through June, nine of the top 10 states with the most jobs recovered since the pandemic were led by Republicans. In fact, Republican-led states have on average recovered more than 102% of the jobs they lost during the pandemic, compared to just over 89% in Democratic-led states.

It is not a coincidence. In fact, it’s part of a consistent pattern. People have already voted with their feet while moving
from blue states to red states. For example, through February 2022, Florida and Texas saw some of the largest gains in new residents. Meanwhile, states like California, Illinois and New York have seen their citizens leave in droves.

This mass exodus of people out of Democratic-run states should come as no surprise. Voters understand that where Democrats go, high taxes, heavy government regulation and economic hardship ensue. For example, Biden’s $1.9 trillion “stimulus” bill last year fueled the massive inflation crisis we are experiencing. In June alone, inflation cost the typical household
an additional $718
. And for the
15th consecutive month
, inflation has exceeded wages. Even if inflation stopped rising today, Biden’s price hike would cost the average American family
over the next year.

Biden has also worked with Democratic governors to shut down state economies, force shutdowns and stifle small businesses trying to recover from the pandemic with vaccine and mask mandates.

However, Republican states resisted Biden’s unconstitutional COVID-19 power grab. They also continue to offer lower taxes and freedom-oriented policies that inevitably lead to prosperity, which is why they have the
the hottest
property markets and pulling the state budget
. It turns out that people like to live in states where their economic contributions are rewarded and their families come first.

people now feel pessimistic about their ability to achieve the American Dream. A recent CNN poll found that 79% say things are “somewhat” or “very” bad. Same
Democrats blame Biden for price hike. Another ABC
shows voters trust Republicans to manage the economy over Democrats, 50% to 36%.

The audience can see the writing on the wall. They understand that despite Biden’s claim that we have “the fastest growing economy in the world,” the US economy actually shrank 1.6% last quarter. They are still suffering the effects of Biden’s supply chain crisis, which has left tens of thousands of families across the country scrambling to find essentials such as infant formula. And they recognize that skyrocketing inflation rates could lead to an economic recession, especially if the federal government continues to spend recklessly and tax citizens even more. At this point, there’s really nothing stopping people from ditching the radical Democratic Party and embracing tried-and-true Republican policies that work.

With the midterm elections fast approaching, make no mistake: Republicans represent the working class desperate for change. To those voters, I would say: it doesn’t have to be. There is another proven path that not only respects the dignity of work and family, but also costs less. We can still save America and restore it to the economic freedom and greatness it is known for. Vote Republican.

Speaker Ronna McDaniel became the second woman ever elected to head the Republican National Committee in 2017.

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