The Time Has Come: Helping a Grandmother as She Battles Cancer | Columnists

My best friend needs help right now. She is a cancer patient and a hardworking grandmother. She has been raising her 7-year-old grandson for years due to the loss of her daughter in a car accident. My friend recently had a recurrence of her cancer and is undergoing surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. She has already had to take a leave of absence from her job due to the disabling of treatments. She worries about the delay in her car payments and rent and how she will feed her grandson. I help out as much as I can, but I’m a senior with my own financial and health issues. My friend is a wonderful person who would give you the shirt off her back. She hasn’t had an easy life but always tries to stay positive. This recent setback has tested its strength.

I called the woman who wrote us the letter asking for help for her best friend. Along with learning how they were best friends since childhood, she also gave me more details about the best friend’s current health and financial struggles that she was aware of. We both agreed that there could be more to both stories than the best friend shared. I heard a child talking in the background, so I asked if it was his grandchildren. The woman told how the recent bout of chemo left her best friend so weak she took the grandson to her house for a few days to make sure her friend could rest.

I called the best friend next door to see if she was willing to talk to me. She answered after several rings and appeared to be asleep. I apologized for waking her up but the gracious woman said, “No. Do not apologize. Thanks for your call. Ever since my friend told me she wrote a letter to The Time is Now to Help, I was hoping you’d call.

We slowly review the many hardships she endured during this time. True to her friend’s assessment of her, she tried to highlight everything, even the grueling treatments and her financial difficulties. She said, “I trust that everything will be fine.” I had no doubt that God had helped bring this woman to our charity for help. I prayed that she would have the healing she so desperately needed.

After reviewing her finances, I could see where she was struggling now and would struggle for the next few months that she would be unable to work. The good news was that she only had four payments left on her car loan, and with us, she would be in much better shape every month. We would also pay three months rent and provide gift cards for food and gas. We would provide a gift card for food to the woman who not only wrote the letter, but also dropped off food daily and looked after the grandson when she was too sick and exhausted to get out of bed . When I told the woman how we would be able to help together, she said confidently, “I told you I had faith that everything would be okay, and it is. Thank you Lord for bringing me the time has come to help me in my time of need. She was truly a woman of faith and clung to her belief that through God anything was possible.

With our help, this grandmother will be able to complete her treatments without fear of losing her apartment and her transportation. She is comforted to know that her grandson will have food and other daily needs. The doctors were convinced of the success of her treatment and she remains hopeful that she and her grandson will spend many years together in the future. Together we brought peace and took the stress out of impending poverty for this grandmother and grandson.

Thank you “you” and God bless you for helping this grandmother and grandson, and all the people we help, by taking away their pains and the stress of poverty.

Health and happiness, love and God bless everyone, Sal

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