Spotlight on Top Advisors: Christina Collins, Northwestern Mutual



Christina Collins is a financial representative at Northwestern Mutual

. His Chicago, Illinois-based team manages $ 898 million in retained assets. She was named Top Woman Advisor this year.

Collins, 53, first became interested in the financial services profession when running a local meal program for seniors. This experience gave him a better understanding of the financial situation of those who qualified. She realized that these people could use help managing their finances and returned to college to study economics before embarking on wealth management.

Working for a company focused on insurance:

Working for Northwestern Mutual means that many clients have a relationship with the company which also involves insurance. Collins says it added to his practice because discussing insurance creates a deep connection.

From the start of her career, Ms. Collins has focused on retirement planning, paying particular attention to “helping people make the transition to retirement and helping people succeed in retirement,” says it. “In particular, it means creating income strategies that help them have reliable, predictable, and as tax-efficient income as possible, so they can enjoy initial retirement without having to worry about what happens. will pass at the end. “

She says the five years to retirement are crucial, which is when she looks to develop a comprehensive plan that determines where, when and how income will be available.

“Statistically, the time when the risk is highest is the five years before and five years after retirement,” she adds. “And the effects of what happens during that time are magnified and can be very significant.”

His Chicago-based company:

Despite being licensed in nearly 40 states and practicing nationwide, Collins says most of her clientele lived in Chicago at one point, “that’s often the initial connection.”

Collins says lawyers and financial professionals are overrepresented in his business book as they are in Windy City. While it may seem counterintuitive for the latter group to need a counselor, their planning-oriented approach may be complementary to their own expertise. She also has unparalleled representation of clients in architecture and education as well as a special “self-made women” group.

With clients spread across the country, Collins has had the unique advantage of being married to a pilot. The couple own a plane that they use to visit clients and spend a short vacation from those visits to different corners of the country.

Being a woman in financial services:

Collins saw changes in women in the industry she started in 1993. Initially, she didn’t feel accepted, a problem that was less pronounced among clients than with “the broader attitudes of the business.” industry”.

Among clients, the problem was most evident when she was pregnant and had to “tactfully reassure” that she would return to work afterwards despite the stigma.

“Despite the challenges presented to me, I think this is a great career for women,” she adds. “I hope that as an industry we can continue to figure out how to make this a more attractive career choice for young women earlier, and get women more involved at the gate.”

Collins points out that for many married clients, the woman is statistically likely to be younger and live longer.

“It’s a very important perspective on financial security to bring to the relationship,” Collins says. “One more reason why we need more women.”


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