Second man arrested at McDonald’s in Chicago shooting


Authorities last week arrested Marion Lewis, 18, who remains jailed without bail on multiple felony charges, including first degree murder, attempted murder and aggravated assault.

Previously, police said they were looking for several suspects.

Officials said they believed Lewis was the driver of the leak and did not fire any shots, but did not confirm whether Goudy was the trigger who opened fire with the gun AK-47 type assault with a “banana clip” which prosecutors said was used in the crime.

Goudy was arrested Monday night after leaving a house on South Springfield Avenue, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Lewis was taken into police custody last Thursday after being injured in a shootout with police following a heart-wrenching car chase on the eastbound Eisenhower Freeway where he allegedly attempted to hijack a family, reported the Sun-Times.

He has also been charged with robbery, aggravated hijacking, multiple counts of aggravated firearm discharge, illegal restraint and possession of a stolen vehicle, according to reports.

A Chicago outlet called Press Reality reported that the suspect is a local rapper and a member of a gang called Otto Laflare.

Investigators said they found two weapons inside Lewis’ car, including the AK-47, the Sun-Times reported. Chief Detective Brendan Deenihan said the bullets from the guns matched the shell casings found at McDonald’s.

Goudy appeared in court on Wednesday, where a judge continued his bail hearing until Friday.

Police said the shooting was gang-related and could be linked to another shooting that left two injured on the same day at a Popeyes restaurant in Humboldt Park, according to reports.

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