Republicans target progressive advocacy group amid opposition to Jackson

When Mr. Biden took office, he chose Paige Herwig, a former Demand Justice lawyer, to help select his judicial nominees, and the group stepped up its campaign to diversify the professional backgrounds of federal judges, calling for more public defenders and civil rights lawyers in the candidate mix, rather than the prosecutors and corporate lawyers who usually dominate.

The Biden administration has taken this approach, with nearly 30% of its candidates having experience as public defenders. Judge Jackson is the most prominent example. Demand Justice notes that this is a stark change even from the Obama administration, which appointed three prosecutors for every criminal defense attorney.

“Public defenders should be treated like the champion of constitutional rights that they are,” Tamara Brummer, senior advisor for engagement and outreach at Demand Justice, said at Monday’s concert, calling Mr. Biden “a president of the public defender”.

The event, which one organizer facetiously referred to as a Dark Money Dance Party, was organized by Demand Justice along with Black Lives Matter, National Legal Aid & Defender Association, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, MoveOn and United State of Women . This served not only as an assertion of public defenders, but also as an opportunity to slam Republicans for their combative questioning of Judge Jackson during her hearings.

“Instead of having an adult conversation like you might expect during a confirmation hearing from a Supreme Court justice, they decide instead that they are going to destroy his case,” Ms. Warren, who was among the first to ask for more publicity. defenders on the federal bench in a 2013 speech. They decide instead that they are going to treat her with disrespect.

“They may kick and scream,” she added, “but that won’t change the reality that we’re going to confirm this woman to the Supreme Court of the United States.”

Demand Justice doesn’t stop with Judge Jackson. The organization recruited potential judicial candidates across the country, interviewed lawyers from a variety of professional backgrounds, and conducted online tutorials and interview training. The group says 18 Biden candidates revealed in their documents that they had been in contact with Demand Justice.

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