Pritzker’s Energy Program Offers $ 964 Million to Excelon Nuclear Power Plant, Closes Prairie Coal Plant


Governor JB Pritzkar has offered to spend $ 964 million to bail out three Excellon nuclear plants and shut down all coal plants in Illinois. Prairie State UniversityAccording to a note summarizing the drastic changes to the energy law discussed in Springfield and obtained by the Chicago Sun-Times by 2035.

The grant, which will be implemented over a five-year period, falls within the parameters of an independent report commissioned by Pritzker from nuclear power plants in Byron, Dresden and Bladewood, according to the note. The plan will also keep the company’s nuclear power plant in LaSalle alive and cost the average residential customer about 80 cents per month in electricity.

The Senate Bill 1534 amendment also sets a clean air goal. By 2035, coal will be phased out and by 2045 natural gas will be phased out in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. $ 2 million per year from utility customers is used to fund Prairie decommissioning costs.

The governor’s new words create a task force to investigate carbon recovery and quarantine, as well as debt loan options for Prairie and the municipality that owns the plant.

The carbon capture process required by a member of parliament at the plant traps carbon dioxide emissions generated during the combustion of coal and other fossil fuels, or during the production of steel and cement. According to multinational electricity and gas company National Grid, emissions are compressed and stored underground.

The fate of the Prairie coal plants, owned by the municipalities of Winnetka, Naperville, Batavia and dozens of other towns across the state, is one of the latest issues in negotiating energy bills during the decline of the legislature. It was a. Session last month.

Some lawmakers have asked Pritzker to keep the factory open. However, Pritzker refused to exempt Prairie from the goal of eliminating coal.

“The exemption for the seventh largest polluter in the United States remains unacceptable not only to the governor, but also to the nearly 50 lawmakers who have shown they do not support the bill.” “If the General Assembly chooses to pass the bill in Springfield next week, the governor is ready to sign the bill.”

The wording of the proposed new bill also tells the Illinois Commerce Commission how to use the payer’s funds in a lawsuit-deferment agreement signed with ComEd in a corruption scandal involving the former chairman of the Michael Madigan Room. We ask you to start investigating what has been done.

In the deal, ComEd was accused of sending $ 1.3 million to Madigan employees and doing little to no work.

The bill “obliges the payer to repay all funds used for the grant,” which is the content of the adjournment suit agreement.

Sources said Pritzker was not aware of another energy bill which was also sent out on Thursday. Members of the working group and other stakeholders will meet on Friday morning to discuss the project.

Neither General Assembly meeting room addressed the energy bill until it was postponed last week. They will return to Springfield next week to vote on energy bills and other laws.

Pritzker’s Energy Program Offers $ 964 Million to Excelon Nuclear Power Plant, Closes Prairie Coal Plant

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