Police promise more patrols with data showing rising crime rates on loop – NBC Chicago

New data on crime rates in Chicago’s premier entertainment district has theatergoers and residents alike pressing local police for answers this week.

The statistics come after a series of high-profile violent incidents in downtown Chicago, including a shooting that injured two people and caused the cancellation of a show.

Crowds gathered for “Moulin Rouge” at the Nederlander Theater on Tuesday, just two days after Sunday’s performance of the show was canceled.

“Everyone was seated, then someone came out and said the show was canceled because of an incident in the Loop,” Julia Smith recalled.

“The person who came on stage to make the announcement was all choked up,” added Isabell Siegel.

Two men, including a stagehand from the show, were shot dead after a robbery in an alley near the Chicago theater on Sunday. Both men were taken to area hospitals and both are expected to survive their injuries.

Early Tuesday morning, four more people were shot dead in the Loop, including a woman crossing a street and three others who were inside a blue SUV.

The bullet-riddled vehicle was found abandoned in Maywood, authorities said.

Since the start of the year in the Loop, carjackings have more than doubled, while thefts have increased by 177%. Aggravated assaults are up about 433% from 2021, according to data obtained by NBC 5.

At a press conference Tuesday, Chicago Police Superintendent. David Brown said more resources will be added downtown to help stop the spike in violent crime.

“West Side violence is as big as South Side violence as downtown violence. Everything is important to us,” Brown said.

The department says shootings and killings are down citywide so far this year, with gains made in several areas that had previously seen an increase in police presence.

Brown promised Tuesday that the department would not sacrifice gains in those areas in its efforts to help bolster security in the downtown part of the city.

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