Owner speaks with CBS 2 after thieves try to steal vehicle, but fear what’s inside – CBS Chicago

CHICAGO (CBS) — Gas station cameras capture a crime about to happen, but a last-second surprise scares the young car thieves away.

The car’s owner only tells his story to CBS 2’s Steven Graves.

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“Yeah, I’m hesitating now.”

Linetta Lawson is reluctant to fill up at her gas station in Chatham. She doesn’t feel safe after what happened on Tuesday.

“I didn’t know if the offenders had weapons or not.”

It was within minutes around 10am. She stopped at the BP station at 87th and South State near the Dan Ryan – immediately spotting two guys standing in front of a car. One stood out.

“It looked like he should have been in school back then. And he just acted very suspiciously.

She went inside to pay for gas and some snacks and came out later. Seeing that the suspicion turned out to be right.

She saw the gas nozzle on the ground. Surveillance shows how he got there after she said one of the guys tried to take her car.

But look – he opens the door and sprints to his car for the getaway.

“They saw me getting out of the vehicle, so they thought I was alone.”

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But to their surprise, her fiancé was behind the tinted windows.

“He made threats, I should say that. And that’s why they ran away so quickly.

Lawson left and called 911.

Chicago police later came to investigate the situation which could have ended worse.

CBS 2 reported that gas stations were major hotspots for auto thefts and carjackings in the past.

Some criminals even get away with having children inside. In this case, an adult stopped him.

“He could have been injured. I could have been hurt coming out of the gas station. So many things could have happened as a result of this act that took place in just a few minutes.

she is now sharing this video, so others can be aware and alert.

Lawson has since wondered why she hasn’t heard from the police about her case.

CPD says she wasn’t at the scene when they arrived – she has to file a physical report at a station. Something she didn’t know and wants others to know as well.

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Chicago police said once Lawson visits him in person and provides information, they can investigate the incident further.

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