No release for the accused in a pedophilia case, judge the judge | Crime and courts


Police arrested Barclay on his return home and took him to hospital because he had an undisclosed injury, Belk said.

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Barclay’s attorney, Timothy Bianco, said Barclay had just lost his dog and had not approached the home of the alleged victim.

Bianco argued that Barclay had recently spent more than a month receiving medical treatment and was too fragile to stay in jail.

“Why would he do it again?” Bianco asked.

Lake County Assistant District Attorney Tara Villarreal said she was sensitive to Barclay’s mental health issues but showed “utter disregard for any court decision.”

“He can feel stuck in a corner,” she said. “If he’s put back into intensive care, he’ll do it again. It’s only a matter of time.”

Vasquez said Barclay does not appear to be in good health, but repeated Barclay violations have shown that he cannot be trusted to follow court orders.

“We all know that if he really wants to go, he’s going to go,” the judge said.

Barclay may just want to hurt himself, but it’s a scary thought for the community, Vasquez said.

The judge denied Bianco’s request to place Barclay in Lake County Community Corrections work-out program because Barclay is not working.

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