New Deputy City Manager Gets First Office Job and Met His Wife in Roanoke | Government and Politics


Grier, who debuted on Wednesday, has seven weeks to train before assuming his new role. Important issues for the city of nearly 100,000 include how to sustainably generate income and achieve efficiency in funding government services and how to spur more growth in local high-tech industries, the said. City Manager Bob Cowell.

Grier’s responsibilities will include overseeing the police force and Chief Sam Roman, who involves nonprofit groups, neighborhood leaders, social service agencies and residents in the city’s gun violence strategy.

Gun violence, punctuated by a sharp increase in gunshot wounds last year, is a “community challenge.” It transcends us and involves the whole community, ”said Cowell.

Grier’s first year will also coincide with federal grants to local governments across the country under the American Rescue Plan Act, a bill to speed recovery from the pandemic. Roanoke expects $ 45 million over the next year, a huge influx of money equal to 15% of a typical year’s spending.

“All of our leaders and our entire management team are going to be involved with our community to try to understand the use of these funds,” said Cowell.

Other departments that will report to Grier will include firefighters and EMS, information technology, general services, public works and human resources, he said.

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