More wrongful convictions linked to ex-CPD Sgt. Ronald Watts could be overthrown

CHICAGO — State’s Attorney Kim Foxx could clear the criminal convictions of more people weary of former Chicago Police Sgt. Ronald Watts.

To date, Foxx has decided to overturn 114 cases involving Watts.

For a decade, Watts and the unit he commanded mentored and shook the residents of Chicago’s Ida B Wells housing complex. In some cases planting drugs on those who have not paid.

Watts was sent to federal prison in 2013 and sentenced to nearly two years for stealing thousands of dollars from a drug courier who was an FBI informant.

Lawyers working for those wrongly accused and waiting for their convictions to be overturned said it was taking too long to process cases. They want the Civilian Office of Police Accountability to release a report of their findings regarding all of the officers involved.

In November, WGN spoke to Jason Brown, who was arrested in 2007. Brown spent three years in prison for a false drug conviction. He is one of many waiting to see if his case will be thrown out.

Foxx and others will hold a press conference before the hearing on Tuesday morning.

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