Misook Wang case featured in ‘Snapped: Behind Bars’


The September 2011 murder of Linda Tyda, 70, of Illinois, by her stepdaughter Misook Wang, then 46, is a chilling reminder that family ties can bind – and they can kill, too.

The motive for the murder? Money, prosecutors say. Linda had a valuable life insurance policy and Misook coveted her share, they claimed. What does Misook say about this insurance payment?

Inquire about saturday 25 september To 8 / 7c, when Oxygen looks at the case in depth in a two hour episode of “Snapped: Behind Bars”. Wang, who also goes by Nowlin, shares his side of the story of Tyda’s murder.

She also brings up the 1998 murder of her ex-boyfriend’s 3-year-old daughter, a case that sparked renewed interest after Misook’s conviction in 2012. Before the gripping episode, familiarize yourself with the timeline next.

The first years

Misook was born in 1965 in South Korea. Her mother died when she was just a little girl, and because her father was unable to care for her, she was sent to live with relatives.

In 1987, Misook met American GI Andy Nowlin, who was serving in Korea. A year later, he returned to the United States with Misook. They got married and had a daughter, Michelle.

The couple divorced in 1998, following financial disputes and infidelity. “She was so hungry for money,” Nowlin said in a Season 20 episode of “Snapped,” which aired on June 18, 2017.


Misook then married Don Wang, the son of Chinese immigrants, whom she met at a call center. Don’s mother Linda, an Asian immigrant divorced from Don’s father, seemed to welcome Misook into the family.

Linda was a distinguished member of the community through her work as an interpreter and advocate for new Asian immigrants. She funded Misook’s tailoring and alteration business, according to “Snapped.”


Misook and Don Wang had a son. They raised their family in Bloomington, Illinois.


In January, Linda married Larry Tyda, whom she met in 2010 via Match.com, he said in the Season 20 episode of “Snapped”.

September 5

Linda left her home in Crest Hill for a pre-dawn meeting with a new client she was picking up in Bloomington and on her way to a Chinese school in Chicago, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Linda never returned and Larry called the police at 8 p.m. to report his wife’s disappearance. Linda’s last cell phone ping was from a tower in Bloomington, investigators determined.

September 12

Detectives learned that an employee of a local Chinese restaurant was approached on September 4 to impersonate a customer and set up a meeting with Linda in the parking lot of a Bloomington grocery store, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Surveillance footage from the restaurant showed Misook was in the restaurant when the worker was paid to pretend to be a customer. Security tapes at the grocery store also revealed that Misook and Linda met and argued before leaving separately, according to “Snapped.”

Police brought Misook in for questioning and told her they found Linda’s clothes and cut up ID cards from a dumpster behind Misook’s tailoring shop. Misook told officials she asked Linda to meet with her to help her mend her failed marriage to Don.

Linda followed Misook to the store and attacked her in the parking lot, said Misook, who said she suffocated Linda “for five to 10 minutes.” according to the Chicago Tribune. She then told authorities that she dragged her stepmother’s body inside the store and hid it.

September 13

Misook took police to the Plains Fish and Wildlife Area, a nature preserve where she had buried Linda in a shallow grave a week earlier.

Misook was arrested for murder.

December 10, 2012

Misook’s trial began at the McLean County Courthouse. Prosecutors pointed to the money as the ground for the murder: Linda had a life insurance policy and Misook believed she was entitled to half of it, according to “Snapped.” Misook had written about politics in prison letters.

DDecember 17

Misook testified on her own behalf. She claimed that Linda died in a fight that had gone awry and that she feared losing custody of her son, so she hid the body.

December 18

Misook was convicted of first degree murder.

March 1st, 2013

Misook was sentenced to 55 years in prison: 50 years for murder and five years for concealing the body. She is make time at the Logan County Correctional Center.

She has since appealed the verdict.


Media attention over Misook’s conviction has sparked renewed interest in the murder conviction of her ex-boyfriend, Barton McNeil, 61. He is serving a 100-year sentence for the June 1998 death of his 3-year-old daughter, Christina.

Illinois Innocence Project attorneys representing McNeil say they have DNA evidence that implicates his ex-girlfriend, Misook.

“Although the police investigated Nowlin and discovered that she and McNeil had ended their relationship the day before Christina’s murder, she was never considered a serious suspect. the Rock River Times reported.

February 2021

McLean County’s chief prosecutor said his office was reviewing the McNeil murder case, according to WEEK-TV 25.

The petition stated, “DNA evidence confirming Misook’s presence in Christina’s deathbed is sufficient to warrant McNeil a new trial. He also describes the deaths of Linda Tyda and Christina McNeil as “hauntingly similar.”

To find out what Wang said about the murder of his mother-in-law as well as the death of Christina McNeil, watch “Snapped: Behind Bars”, aired. saturday 25 september To 8 / 7c to Oxygen.

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