TOWN OF KILLDEER COMMISSION REGULAR MEETING April 18, 2022 Commission Chairman Carey Praus called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m. The commissioners present were Kevin Candrian, Kelly Summerfield, Ryan Schleppenbach and Logan Wallace. Also in attendance were Brett Morlok, Larry Lundberg, JoAnn Marsh, Mechelle McFarland, Jeff Simmons, Cameron Deperalta and Jason O’Day (5:12 p.m.) with Nate Bouray attending via conference call. Commissioner Schleppenbach moved to approve the agenda by consent, seconded by Commissioner Candrian. The consent agenda included minutes of the April 4, 2022 regular meeting, invoices, financial statements, and gaming site authorization for the Killdeer American Legion Ezra Borrows Post #46 at Buckskin. All voted yes in a roll call vote. M/C Dunn County Commissioners Larry Lundberg and JoAnn Marsh discussed with the Commission the current Dunn County Road Department Store in Killdeer and possible locations for the Pantry and Hotel of city. The County Commission and the Town of Killdeer Commission will meet again on this item in June. Commissioner Candrian moved the motion to approve the second and final reading of Ordinance 2022-003, an ordinance amending and re-enacting Chapters 4 and 5 of the City Code of Killdeer regarding policing and traffic. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Schleppenbach. All voted yes in a roll call vote. Commissioner M/C Candrian moved the motion to approve the first reading of Ordinance 2022-004, an ordinance amending and re-enacting Article 7, Section 3, Subsection 2, of the Town of Killdeer Code regarding the point Accumulation of prohibited waste. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Summerfield. All voted yes in a roll call vote. M/A Commissioner Summerfield moved the motion to approve Work Order #15723.01 with SRF Consulting Group, Inc, seconded by Commissioner Candrian. All voted yes in a roll call vote. Municipal Engineer M/C Brett Morlok discussed with the Commission the upcoming biennial water development plan 2023-2025 with the Department of Water Resources and the National Water Commission. Municipal Engineer Morlok discussed with the Commission temporary water connection solutions to provide more water pressure to the new school until the booster station arrives and the full installation can be completed . Commissioner Summerfield moved to table the City Hall paving specifications, seconded by Commissioner Schleppenbach. All voted yes in a roll call vote. M/C Commissioner Candrian proposed to file the specifications for the valve and the hydrant box, seconded by Commissioner Schleppenbach. All voted yes in a roll call vote. M/C The Superintendent of Public Works discussed Spring Cleaning Week April 18-April 23. Commissioner Schleppenbach and the rest of the commission thanked Superintendent Deperalta and the entire public works department for the quality of street cleaning following the recent winter snowstorm. Commissioner Summerfield discussed the new uniform shirts at the Aquatic and Wellness Center and the recent gymnasium equipment maintenance contract. Commissioner Candrian discussed his follow-up with West Dunn Fire Department Fire Chief Ryan Hauck regarding a second access point for the HWBL subdivision. The Commission discussed the addition of a north sidewalk along High Street west of 5th Avenue at an estimated cost of $140,000 to be added to the water main and sewer replacement project for the High Street NW. The Commission discussed the next designation of the City Gazette which will be decided at the regular meeting on May 2, 2022. The Commission discussed the City Commission Leadership Code, adopted in January 2018. Having nothing more to do, Commissioner Summerfield moved the adjournment. The meeting adjourned at 6:33 p.m. The following invoices were approved for payment: Payroll 4-20-2022 $35,714.56 EFTPS 4-20-2022 $12,730.01 18789 Advanced Engineering $11,420.50 18790 Aramark $345.38 18791 Axon Enterprises, Inc. $1,428.02 Baymont9 18 Inn & Suites – Mandan $518.40 18793 Benco Equipment Company $306.25 18794 Benz Oil Company, Inc. $330.92 18795 Beulah Beacon $62.32 18796 Boss Office Products $62.376 Carey $18796 18798 City of Dickinson $ 4.225.50 18799 Consolidated Telecom $ 1.198.63 18801 Ferguson Enterprises $ 540.68 18802 Communications Forum $ 622.16 18803 Hillyard/Sioux Chutes 35.50 $ 18804 Super Valuch 83.47 $ 18805 MAGIC, Inc. $764.00 18808 McKenzie Electric Coop 383.50 18809 Montana Dakota $1811 18813 Pacific Assets, Inc. $169.68 18814 Police Chief Assoc. DE ND 150.00 $ 18815 PRAIRIE AUTO PARTS 497.04 $ 18816 PSC Custom, LLC 205.39 $ 18817 Intelligent computers 1,535.00 $ 18818 SRF Consulting Group 2 722,999819 Streicher’s 351.40 18820 SAD District Santer 200.00.00 Risk & Altern. $75.00 18825 US Postal Service $160.00 18826 Utility Logic $381.00 18827 Verizon Connect NWF, Inc. $92.95 18828 Verizon Wireless $657.71 18829 Western Choice Coop $4,789.38 18830 Dooley 2,235 $.75 $98,571. Carey Praus, Commission Chairman Matt Oase, City Administrator (May 11, 2022) 62126

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