Is Atlanta’s crime worse than Chicago’s?

Even though Chicago is a larger city with more crime, per capita, the likelihood of being a victim of center crime is higher in Atlanta.

ATLANTA — After a recent violent weekend in Atlanta, where at least 15 people were shot, many people are concerned for their safety, saying violent crime is on the rise.

11Alive looked at data on shootings, robberies, and car break-ins. There is a common theme running through our stories: feedback from our readers.

“On the way to Chicago,” Micki Gray wrote on 11Alive’s Facebook page.

“Becoming like Chicago,” commented Ella West.

“We’re catching up with Chicago,” wrote Jonathan Glass.

Similar statements were made in 2021, comparing the two major metropolitan cities.

Just a year earlier, many people had done the same, specifically citing the same Atlanta-Chicago connection. So 11Alive set out to compare crime rates again and see if a person is more likely to be a victim of certain crimes in Atlanta than in Chicago.

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We wanted to follow up on last year’s reports, to see if anything had changed. That’s what we found.


Is Atlanta’s crime rate worse or similar to Chicago’s?


Atlanta Police Department crime data for 2021 and 2022, year to date.

Chicago Police Department crime data for 2021 and 2022, year to date.

The original story was made in May 2021, so we used five months of data from both city police departments.

This time, 11Alive looked at statistics from January to July – so 11Alive’s Hope Ford also looked at two more months of data since its last report in 2021. We also include all crimes reported on the websites of both services. police, to give a complete picture of crime in both cities.


Yes – for certain crimes, especially those considered violent.


To verify, 11Alive used the same process as before, going directly to data freely available on the websites of the two police departments. Since Chicago is larger than Atlanta with over 2.6 million people, compared to nearly half a million people in Atlanta, we have broken down the crime rate per 100,000 people. We only looked at the cities themselves, so no metropolitan areas, and we didn’t use sheriff’s department data.

In the previous story, someone in Atlanta was more likely to be the victim of murder, shooting, and aggravated assault than in Chicago at the time.

It appears to remain the same for at least two of these crimes.

For the most violent crimes, in Chicago in 2022 there were 351 murders, 3,070 aggravated assaults, 1,094 rapes and 4,346 robberies.

For Atlanta, in 2022 there were 86 murders, 1,921 aggravated assaults, 88 rapes and 379 robberies

Taking population into account, Chicago’s murder rate is 13 per 100,000, aggravated assault rate is 114 per 100,000, rape is 41 per 100,000, and robbery rate in Chicago is 161 per 100,000.

Atlanta’s murder rate is 17 per 100,000, aggravated assault is 386 per 100,000, rape is 18 per 100,000, and the robbery rate is 76 per 100,000.

Property crimes

For property crimes, there were 3,901 burglaries, 7,169 motor vehicle thefts and 9,554 thefts in Chicago.

For Atlanta, there were 918 burglaries/break and enters, 1,582 motor vehicle thefts, and 7,167 thefts. In Atlanta, theft is broken down into shoplifting, theft from a motor vehicle, and all other thefts. Chicago aggregates its data for these three areas in general flight.

Again, taking population into account, the rate of burglary is 145 per 100,000, motor vehicle theft is 266 per 100,000, and theft is 354 per 100,000.

For Atlanta, burglaries are 184 per 100,000, 318 per 100,000 for motor vehicle thefts, and 1,440 per 100,000 for all other thefts.

So, although there is more crime in Chicago than in Atlanta, a person would be more likely to be a victim of murder, aggravated assault, burglary, robbery, and auto theft than in Chicago. .

In Chicago, a person is more likely to be a victim of sexual assault or robbery.

Below is the raw data followed by the rate comparison.

Chicago, year to date, week ending July 17.

3,070 aggravated assaults

1,094 rapes (criminal sexual assault)

4,346 robberies (non-motorized vehicle)

7,169 motor vehicle thefts

Atlanta, Year to Date, Week Ending July 16

1,921 aggravated assaults

1,582 motor vehicle thefts

918 burglary/break-in

4,475 thefts from a motor vehicle

7,167 thefts (motor vehicle, shoplifting, all other thefts in total)

Chicago, rate per 100,000 population

Aggravated assault 114 per 100,000

Motor vehicle theft 266 per 100,000

Burglaries 145 per 100,000

Atlanta, rate per 100,000 population

Aggravated assault 386 per 100,000

Motor vehicle theft 318 per 100,000

Burglaries 184 per 100,000

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