Influential Mormon billionaire quits LDS church for opposing LGBTQ, civil rights and shady finances

Considered a prominent member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, popularly known as Mormons, leaves the LDS Church because of his positions on LGBTQ and women’s rights, among other civil rights ,

Jeff Green, who is also considered one of Utah’s wealthiest citizens, posted an open letter to Mormon Church President Russell Nelson.

“I believe that the Church is actively and currently doing harm to the world,” Green told Nelson.

“I think the Mormon Church has hindered global progress on women’s rights, civil rights, racial equality and LGBTQ rights,” continued the CEO of The Trade Desk.

Green also targeted Church money.

“This money comes from people, often poor, who believe with all their hearts that you represent the will of Jesus,” he argued that the Church’s expenses were questionable. “They give in the meantime blessings from heaven.”

The Associated Press also reported that eleven other family members have resigned and want to be removed from LDS Church membership lists.

The LDS Church is one of the fastest growing Christian denominations in the world. It is based in Salt Lake City, Utah, and as of 2020 has 16.6 million members and nearly 52,000 missionaries worldwide.

Founded by Joseph Smith and having grown under the leadership of Brigham Young, the LDS Church believes that Jesus is the only way to be saved, that there are three heavens, and that a person can be exalted in it. beyond. Exaltation is the idea that one can become like God.

The LDS Church is Restorationist, which means it believes it is a restoration of what the first Christian churches looked like after Jesus’ death.

Illinois was a border outpost for Mormons until they were violently expelled from Nauvoo and headed further west to what is now Salt Lake City and Las Vegas, Nevada.

The LDS Church now has large populations in Utah, Idaho, California, Nevada, and Hawaii.

The Chicago Illinois Temple of LDS Church is located in Glenview, Illinois.

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