Gasoline prices in Chicago top $6 a gallon

Illinois gas taxes mean additional pain at the pump, especially for Chicago residents.

Gasoline prices in Chicago set another record on June 7, topping $6 a gallon for the first time ever, according to AAA. Among the 10 largest US cities, gasoline in Chicago is the fourth most expensive on average.

Patrick De Haan, who oversees oil analysis for price-tracking firm GasBuddy, said prices are here to stay. “There is no end in sight right now to falling prices.”

Higher fuel costs for businesses mean customers pay more for goods than gasoline. At $5.83 a gallon, diesel in Chicago has never been more expensive.

Antonio Rodriguez drives a van full of rugs around town daily. He said his carpet cleaning business had no choice but to raise prices.

“It’s not fair to small businesses, and it’s not fair to anyone, actually,” Rodriguez told Block Club Chicago. “As a business, our expenses have almost doubled, and that’s affecting customers a bit. Fewer people are booking services.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot considered waiving the city’s gas tax to relieve motorists, but opted for a lottery of prepaid gas and transit cards.

At the state level, Illinois ranks fifth nationally in gasoline prices and second in gasoline taxes.

New York state, where gas is cheaper than Illinois, is suspending its gas tax for the rest of the year. The only relief Illinois is getting is a postponement of the tax hike until 2023.

Automatic annual gasoline tax increases signed into law by Governor JB Pritzker in 2019 ignore inflation, which has driven fuel prices to an all-time high. Ending annual gas tax hikes is a sensible reform that would benefit middle to low income families the most.

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