Former MSU star Appling arrested with another weapon unrelated to deadly shooting


Former Michigan State University basketball star Keith Appling was arrested without incident Monday morning in connection with a murder.

Investigators say Appling was in hiding at the Baymont Inn and Suites about an hour from Detroit in Chelsea when a team of fugitives moved in – and Appling did not fight.

“You give us that information, we act on it, and we get dangerous people off the streets,” said David LeValley, deputy chief of the Detroit Police Department.

DPD says an early morning tip in the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office led Michigan State Police to the hotel – where, in one of the rooms, they arrested Appling.

“There was also a weapon that was recovered from this scene, it was not the weapon used in the shooting on Saturday,” LeValley said.

VICTIM: Clyde Edmonds was found fatally shot.

The 29-year-old Detroit native is on the run – caught, less than 48 hours after being wanted for murder in western Detroit, off Whitcomb.

On Saturday night, Appling reportedly visited the home of Clyde Edmonds, 66, the victim identified by the Wayne County mortuary.

“There was some sort of altercation that took place outside the house with a step relative with him and people in the house heard gunshots,” LeValley said. “They got out and found our suspect in possession of the gun and the other person fired.”

The police have not yet defined a pattern.

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This is one of Appling’s many clashes with the law. Last October, he pleaded guilty after police discovered a golf ball-sized amount of heroin on him in Warren. He got probation for it, which he allegedly violated in February.

The Chelsea Baymont Inn where Keith Appling was found.  Inset: Appling of a previous arrest and a police charge.

The Chelsea Baymont Inn where Keith Appling was found. Inset: Appling of a previous arrest and a police charge.

In 2016 and 2017, Appling had three separate gun holsters and one resistance and obstruction charge.

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Appling has not been charged in the murder case – the Wayne County District Attorney’s Office will make a decision on this in the coming days.

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