Former Chicago city councilor indicted | Crime and courts


Munoz was appointed city councilor by then-mayor Richard M. Daley in 1993. Munoz, at one point, the oldest Latin American city councilor, announced his retirement from city council in July 2018 and has said he would not seek re-election.

He was a strong supporter of Jesus “Chuy” Garcia over Rahm Emanuel in the 2015 mayoral election. Munoz was part of the council’s progressive reform caucus, representing a neighborhood on the southwest side centered on Little Village.

Munoz was the youngest member of the city council when he first became a city councilor in 1993, according to his official city biography. Munoz forged an independent path as alderman, sometimes challenging the now disgraced and defunct Hispanic Democratic Organization, which was one of Daley’s most staunch supporters.

In 2010, Munoz said he was an alcoholic six months before the city council election, claiming he drank excessively after work, but not in the morning and afternoon. He was re-elected twice thereafter.

Munoz, who has served his sentence, cited another longtime city councilor, now indicted, when he discussed his retirement.

“I don’t suffer from the founder-itis or the incumbent-itis like (Ed) Burke,” he added, referring to the powerful and long-time city councilor, whom the political organization Southwest Side Munoz opposed. “I don’t have to be here at 72.”

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