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It might be a little hard to find, but the menu items – flavored flapjacks, waffles, three-egg omelettes, four kinds of eggs Benedict, wraps, burgers and salads – ensure it’s worth following the signs for Famous Toastery off US 29 in Warrenton. The take-out counter that customers find when they enter through the side door of the Remax Regency building next to the Baymont Hotel near Comfort Inn Drive is unassuming. The kitchen behind this counter, however, is versatile.

Owner Angela Goodman said she discovered the Famous Toastery brand when she lived in Charlotte, North Carolina. “I love breakfast, and when I moved to Virginia, I couldn’t find a place like Famous Toastery here, so I opened one in Ashburn.”

Angela Goodman’s Famous Toastery serves breakfast and lunch for Warrenton residents, Tuesday through Saturday.

It was her first restaurant job since she was 16 at a Waffle House. The Ashburn location is doing well after six years. “We do 500 breakfasts on a Saturday,” Goodman said.

But Goodman learned that Warrenton is not Ashburn and made adjustments. “People in Ashburn were comfortable ordering takeout for breakfast.” She said it’s a newer concept to Warrenton and is taking longer to catch on.

The “Country Benedict”, Famous Toastery’s version of cookies and gravy, is a favorite in the Warrenton store. Mac and cheese and French toast stuffed with strawberries and cream cheese have also proven popular – the latter can be ordered as a breakfast main course or as a dessert.

The West Coast BLT — with Brie cheese and avocado — and club sandwich are Warrenton’s lunchtime staples, Goodman said.

All of its menu items, Goodman said, are made fresh with good ingredients. Most places that serve breakfast get the food already prepared and shipped frozen, she said. “Our food is 100% from scratch, made that day. That’s our big differentiator.

The famous dishes from the Toastery menu are all available anytime the restaurant is open. Fancy a breakfast for lunch or a lunch for breakfast? No problem.

Other offerings are available as part of the dining menu, which includes French toast casserole, roast turkey, and ham dinners. “Our catering is completely specialized and personalized,” Goodman said.

Currently, the Famous Toastery is open Tuesday through Saturday, 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. The staff are a challenge, she says, so she couldn’t be open all weekend, but that’s a goal. She would like to be open from Wednesday to Sunday.

Goodman is an entrepreneur at heart and also has a passion for helping other small business owners. When she rented the huge catering kitchen in the Remax building, she knew she would be looking for others who might want to sublet part of the kitchen.

Rai’s Subs – friends from Northern Virginia – wanted to open a restaurant in Warrenton, so she offered to use the kitchen during dinner hours. When Famous Toastery closes for the day, Rai’s takes over and offers takeout sandwiches, wings, cheese curds and cannolis.

Goodman said the kitchen is 2,500 square feet and is perfect for this co-op model. She said she has spoken with bakers who are vendors at the Warrenton Farmer’s Market and may want access to commercial kitchen space. A vendor she spoke with has been baking for 20 years at her home. “She told me that she and her husband were ready to kill each other at the end of the market season.” A space outside the house with an available oven and refrigerator could be the solution.

Depending on the day, the kitchen can accommodate several small businesses at the same time. Goodman said it was a friendly atmosphere. “We are all working and talking.”

Freeds Biscuits, that stand with the long queue at the Farmers Market, uses the Famous Toastery kitchen. Goodman serves Freed’s cookies with his breakfasts.

The Italian bread she uses for her sandwiches is also special, Goodman said. “At the Ashburn store, people come and buy it by the loaf.”

Goodman said she believes in cooperation rather than competition. She’s worked in multiple industries — HVAC, construction, even community theaters — and says she’s a business owner at heart. “The more I can help people, the more I like it,” she said.

Although she’s still looking for a location to open a full restaurant in the Warrenton/Gainesville area, she said she hasn’t found the right place yet.

When she decides on a good place though, she said she will continue to operate the food and take-out place in Warrenton.

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