Eleven people involved in Osceola County drug trafficking organization sentenced to federal prison | USAO-MDFL

Orlando, Florida – U.S. District Judges Paul G. Byron and Carlos E. Mendoza sentenced 11 members of an Osceola County-based drug trafficking organization (DTO) to federal prison terms ranging from 15 to 300 months for conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute heroin. An individual was also convicted of possession of a firearm in connection with a crime of drug trafficking. These 11 individuals were charged in 5 separate indictments and informations beginning in August 2019 and culminating in an indictment indicting 7 conspiracy members in February 2020. The charges and sentences are as follows:



Prison sentence

Roberto Nunez Cebrero

(42, Kissimmee)


25 years

Yenitza García-Cosme

(27, Saint-Cloud)


7 years, 3 months

Michel Agosto-Martinez

(33, Kissimmee)

Conspiracy and possession of a firearm in pursuit of a drug trafficking crime

11 years, 3 months

Eric Velazquez-Cosme

(36, Ohio)


2 years, 9 months

Timothy Smith

(50, Illinois)


7 years, 3 months

Jorge Alberto Quijada-Moreno

(31 years old, Mexico)


9 years, 1 month

Jose Robles-Roque

(40, Orlando)


3 years, 10 months

Antonio E. Moya

(68, Illinois)


3 years, 5 months

Luis Vazquez-Trujillo

(33, Illinois)


10 years

Jose Antonio Cruz-Garcia

(43 years old, Honduras)


1 year, 3 months

Roberto Oduardo-Suarez

(39, North Carolina)


10 years

Beginning in November 2017, a law enforcement investigation learned information about when heroin shipments would be delivered from Mexico to Chicago and from Chicago to Osceola County by the DTO, led by Roberto Nunez- cebrero. Additionally, law enforcement learned when the money would be paid by conspirators in Chicago and often transported to Osceola County. Based on their investigation, law enforcement seized more than 10 kilograms of heroin en route to Osceola County from Chicago or directly from Mexico, by Antonio E. Moya, Luis Vazquez-Trujillo, Jose Antonio Cruz-Garcia and Roberto Oduardo. -Suarez. Once the heroin was in the Central District of Florida, Yenitza Garcia-Cosme, Michael Agosto-Martinez, Erik Velazquez-Cosme, Jorge Alberto Quijada-Moreno, and Jose Robles-Roque distributed the heroin to others. Michael Agosto-Martinez and Yenitza Garcia-Cosme also traveled to Chicago to collect cash and transport heroin to the Central District of Florida. Timothy Smith was a Chicago-based drug dealer who received his heroin from this drug trafficking organization. In total, from January 2012 to August 2019, this DTO was responsible for over 100 kilograms of heroin entering the Middle District of Florida.

This case was investigated by the Drug Enforcement Administration. He was prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorney Shawn P. Napier.

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