Data shows violent crime has increased over the past 3 years in Chicago – CBS Chicago

CHICAGO (CBS) — The data clearly shows that the people of Chicago are being targeted.

Our own research found that violent crime is all up over the past three years in Chicago.

For this research using publicly available data from the Chicago Police Department on the Chicago Data Portal, we focused on violent crimes as defined by the FBI – homicides, aggravated assault, grievous bodily harm, robbery and sexual assault.

Annual trends

In 2021, 25,894 violent crimes were reported in Chicago. This is slightly higher than in 2020 and 2019, but within the range of normal crime levels from previous years. Below is a table of totals and by category, as well as a table with the numbers. We have separated carjacking, even though it is technically a sub-category of theft, as thefts have generally decreased while carjackings have increased.

This line graph also displays trends.

By neighborhood

We know that not all communities are equally affected by violent crime. In terms of raw numbers, several neighborhoods stand out. Here are the top 10.

You’ll notice, however, that compared to the average number of reports in the five years before the pandemic – from 2015 to 2019 – many of the neighborhoods above actually saw a slight drop in crime levels. Most of them are within a minor range of +/- 5% change. But the South Shore recorded a significant increase in violent crime amounting to 19.2%, making it unique among neighborhoods with the highest volume of violent crime.

In terms of increases in 2021 over pre-pandemic levels, however, a different list of neighborhoods stands out. Here are the top 10 in terms of change from that average (note that “O’Hare” refers to the neighborhood directly east of O’Hare International Airport):

This interactive map shows a complete breakdown of violent crime by neighborhood.

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