Cook County Sheriff’s Office Command Post Opens in River North

CHICAGO — Between the restaurants and nightlife of Clark and Illinois — sits a new Cook County Sheriff’s Office command post.

It may not seem like much from the outside, but inside the 2nd District, Alderman Brian Hopkins hopes it’s part of the solution to rising crime in River North.

“It’s a force multiplier. The sheriff’s office has actually been very active on the south and west sides for several years, but we need help downtown as well,” Hopkins said.

Hopkins said the station has been running quietly for several months, increasing its capabilities.

Sheriff Tom Dart plans to make a formal announcement about this Wednesday morning and the CPD Superintendent. David Brown should attend.

Hopkins told WGN News the post will serve as a support desk for 120 deputies, who won’t all be there at the same time but can be called in at any time to help Chicago police. The focus will be on reducing organized retail flights.

Wednesday’s announcement comes during a violent month in River North. On Saturday night, a man was shot five times outside a crowded nightclub in Hubbard and LaSalle.

The previous weekend, a man had been shot dead during an attempted robbery at the Godfrey Hotel near Huron and LaSalle. Earlier in the month, police said a man fled a traffic stop and punched four people, including a young girl. He has since been charged.

Hopkins said neighbors in his neighborhood were worried.

“It’s the feeling that the criminals are taking over, they’re emboldened and they don’t fear any consequences right now,” he said. “That has to change.”

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