Chicago substitute teacher charged with improper conduct

CHICAGO (AP) – Chicago Police are investigating allegations that an elementary school substitute teacher inappropriately touched himself in a classroom this month while students were in attendance

According to the Chicago Tribune, the police department said the investigation into the alleged Nov. 16 incident at the Walt Disney Magnet School is continuing. The newspaper did not identify the man as he was not charged with a crime.

Parents of students in the class and parents of all children in the 1,500-student school were made aware of the allegations by the principal of the Uptown Ward school on the north side of town. .

“Several students reported that a substitute teacher the first time the individual attended school behaved inappropriately while teaching. I want to assure you that we are aware of this information, and we immediately reported the information to the district as soon as we became aware of it, ”Disney director Paul Riskus wrote to parents. “The replacement was prevented from working at our school and is under investigation.

The Chicago Public School Inspector General’s office said its sex allegations unit was investigating. A spokesperson for the school district said the teacher was being banned from all schools during the investigation.

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