Chicago Police Return to Extended Shifts Without Leave


CHICAGO (WLS) – For Chicago police officers, the return to normal hours will be short-lived.

ABC7 I-Team has learned that city police will be back on 12-hour shifts and their regular days off will be canceled next weekend.

The order, revealed in a CPD memo obtained Thursday by the I-Team, cancels an announcement made just 10 days ago by the superintendent. David Brown. At the time, Brown said the CPD was ending its use of extended 12-hour shifts and canceled days off.

“We balance the well-being of officers with that,” Brown said at a June 1 press conference, “because last summer we spent almost 20 days with extended hours and days off. leave canceled. It is not sustainable. “

Agents will revert to mandatory overtime and extended shifts for a weekend that includes the June 15 celebrations, the annual Puerto Rican People’s Day Parade and Father’s Day.

“These events are annual events,” said Jim Calvino, president of the Chicago Police Sergeants Association.

Calvino, a career Chicago policeman whose union organization represents more than 1,200 CPD sergeants, notes that the parade, Juneteenth and Father’s Day are not improvised festivities.

“It would be different if we were needed there,” he told I-Team. “If they have information that they think is going to, you know, justify it, I’m not aware of anything like that. We can’t just sit there and wait for something to happen, because when it does, your officers and sergeants and everybody is going to be so exhausted that you can’t do anything more. “

Chicago Police officials did not respond to questions from the I-Team regarding the deployment change for next weekend and whether there is a known threat that has resulted in the days off being canceled and the establishment of 12-hour shifts.

The note sent to CPD command staff ordering extended tours also tells all officers to arrive at work next weekend with crowd control gear in hand. “A helmet and a breathing mask (gas mask), if issued, will be readily available,” said the order of deployment.

The Association of Police Sergeants and the Fraternal Order of Police, which represents thousands of patrol officers in Chicago, both recently filed union grievances against the city’s deployment practice. Grievances follow canceled days off and 12-hour shifts leading up to Memorial Day.

Despite the superintendent. Brown’s admission that such programming is “unsustainable,” agents say they fear daily programming for next weekend will continue through the summer, June 17 to July 4 to Lollapalooza and beyond.

“They have to find a different solution, when these guys are out on the streets, constantly day in and day out, day in and day out, every day,” said Sgt. Calvino.

He said the answer is simple: hire more new officers and promote more current officers to the rank of sergeant.

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