Chicago police are looking for an alleged serial groper on a skateboard terrorizing city women; at least 2 confirmed incidents

CHICAGO (WLS) — Chicago police say a man on a one-wheeled skateboard was sexually terrorizing women in the city, groping at least two on the street.

Paige Ruhnke says she’s also one of his victims and can’t get away from his face.

“One hundred percent I know he’s the guy,” she said. “He completely reached under my shorts and groped me.”

Ruhnke said on May 11 that she was walking her dog along the lakeside path near the Navy Pier flyover mid-morning.

“He’s on the one-wheeled skateboard, comes up behind me and grabs under me. I yell at him and he laughs in my face and walks away,” she recalled. “I was angry, I was uncomfortable, I was scared. It was just a complete violation.”

Motivated by rage and fear, Ruhnke and other women posted a photo of the alleged attacker on flyers in downtown Chicago.

Chicago police said the man assaulted at least two women and released his own photos of the suspect during a community alert. Ruhnke said it was undeniably her attacker.

“I just saw it roll,” said Michael Perrino.

An electric vehicle enthusiast himself, Perrino said Monday morning he spotted the skateboarder and chased him from the edge of the lake.

“I see the guy. So I turned around and started following him. He notices me following him, gets pretty hostile, tells me to be careful,” he said. “I follow him into an alley that he very deliberately turns into. And goes very deliberately to the door of the restaurant.”

Perrino took pictures of who he thinks is the offender from River North. Now Perrino is part of the pursuit to find the man who robbed the women of their peace and safety.

“I want him out of the way and I want him to have to listen to the victims say how painful it is and how much it has affected their lives. I don’t want him to be fined and go on with his life,” Ruhnke said. said.

The suspect is described as wearing a white helmet and sunglasses and riding a motorized scooter, according to Chicago police.

Ruhnke said she has been in contact with up to 12 possible victims of this suspect, dating back to 2021, and encourages anyone who has been victimized to continue to report the assaults to police.

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