Check Your Powerball Numbers, $ 50,000 Ticket Sold in Connecticut


The big Powerball jackpot may have gone to a lucky winner in California, but there’s still a $ 50,000 winner somewhere in Connecticut.

Almost $ 700 million is a lot of money, and someone in California has tied all the last Powerball numbers to claim the jackpot, but lottery officials say there’s still a $ 50,000 ticket left. to claim here in Connecticut.

The last winning Powerball numbers were 12-22-54-66-69 and the Powerball was 15. The Power Play was 2x.

After nearly 40 consecutive Powerball draws without a winner, a ticket sold in Morro Bay, Calif., Grossed the big sum, a total of $ 699.8 million. According to, the highest amount for this design in Connecticut was $ 50,000, and 19 tickets grossed $ 200. A total of 28,888 winning tickets were sold in Connecticut with cash prizes for those tickets ranging from $ 4 to $ 50,000.

Here’s the full breakdown of the winning Connecticut tickets sold for this latest Powerball drawing:

The $ 50,000 winner, which has yet to be claimed, was four numbers plus the Powerball, and that ticket is worth $ 50,000. The numbers for the rest of the Connecticut winners, 14 tickets had four matching numbers and these tickets are worth $ 100, with $ 200 going to those who participated in Power Play. 48 tickets sold in Connecticut matched three numbers and made $ 100, but those who chose Power Play doubled their stake and won $ 200. There were 1,265 tickets that matched three numbers to win $ 7, and over 400 of them received $ 14 through Power Play. In addition, there were other winning tickets that were worth four dollars or less.

Powerball numbers have been drawn three times a week since August in an attempt to increase the jackpots. The draws take place every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 10:59 p.m.

Here’s another look at the Monday Night Powerball drawing.

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