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Some of Brookport’s voters will head to a new polling station beginning with the June 28 primary election.

At its meeting on Tuesday, April 5, the Massac County Commission approved the county clerk’s request to change the East Brooklyn polling location from the Brookport Community Center to Brookport City Hall.

County Clerk Hailey Miles said Brookport City Clerk Lori Klotz contacted her to say the city’s fire department was using a lot of space at the Brookport Community Center and suggested using City Hall as a polling place.

Miles will mail new voting cards to voters in the East Brooklyn Precinct to reflect the change later this week.

The voting location for West Brooklyn voters will remain at the Brookport Library.

The commission also approved two resolutions for the Massac County Highway Department for upcoming projects that are allocated by the federal government through the Illinois Department of Transportation that are 80-20.

The first resolution allocates funding for Massac County’s 20% share for project 19-00100-00-BR — replacement of the bridge on Unionville Road over Mud Creek near the Pope County line.

Massac County Highway Engineer Joe Matesevac said the project is estimated to total $300,000, bringing the county’s share to $60,000, which will be funded from the surface transportation fund. Matesevac explained that the bridge has rotting wooden pilings and the bridge has a load limit of five tons. The project should be rented in June and should start in July or August.

The second resolution allocates funding for Massac County’s 20% share for project 18-00099-00-RS — resurfacing of New Columbia Road from Benton Road to Teague Hill Road. The project is just over 3.6 miles long and includes three bridges. Matesevac said the seams will be countersunk, which, along with the 2 ½ inches of overlap, should help make the bridge transition smoother. The total estimate is approximately $850,000, bringing the county’s share to $170,000, which will be funded by the local bridging fund. The project should be rented in August and should start in September or October.

Massac County Sheriff Chad Kaylor announced on Tuesday that the number of inmates at the jail was 37, including two for the Illinois Department of Corrections. Last week, the prison transferred five inmates to IDOC and one to DHS.

“It looks like DOC is opening up a little faster for us now, so maybe we can get more people in and out,” he said.

Kaylor updated the IDOC refund commission.

At the end of the week, he expects just over $13,000 for DOC sentenced inmates the prison housed in 2021 from Jan. 1 through mid-June. He said the number was “not close to where I think it should be,” but added that the county was reimbursed for DOC inmate housing in 2020 during the COVID-19 lockdown in the county. under the Local Coronavirus Urgent Sanitation Emergency Support Program, or Local CURES Program, money the county received in late October 2020.

Kaylor received the department’s new body cameras and Tasers on Friday, April 1. He said it would take at least a month before they could be used, as MPs will need certification on the new Tasers and training on the cameras.

Commissioner Jeff Brugger also asked about the county’s general fund balance. Commissioner Jayson Farmer said a report from the county treasurer’s office showed the balance before payroll and outstanding claims was $622,213.

Farmer noted that County Treasurer Jody Haverkamp has not attended recent meetings and said he thought it was important for the Treasurer or a member of his staff to attend county council meetings. to report the general fund balance or answer any questions about county finances. Brugger and Childers expressed their agreement.

In other cases

• Massac County Illinois University Director of Extension, Jody A. Johnson, presented the department’s 2021 annual report to the commission, along with the extension office’s agreement. Johnson said the extension’s annual raise will include an additional $2,500, which will go towards increasing the office rent.

Johnson praised his staff for their work in 2021, “continuing to deliver, despite the challenges we’ve faced. … I’ve been here 16 years. The organization is in great shape financially, we have good staff, we “We have a lot of good momentum. And you (the Commissioners) deserve credit for what you do. Without your support, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.”

Johnson said one of the office’s main goals over the past year has been to address food access and food security. He was able to bring in $250,000 per unit – Alexander, Johnson, Union, Massac and Pulaski counties – to achieve this goal. Johnson partnered with the unit that covers Gallatin, Hamilton, Hardin, Pope, Saline and White counties for the project, which includes working with food pantries.

“The fact is that people need food. And it’s only going to get worse the way the economies are and inflation the way it is,” Johnson said. “We are happy to be here to help provide solutions to the community.”

• Kaylor updated the commission on American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) funded projects taking place at the detention center.

The air conditioner project is on hold until the equipment is ready. The replacement of the gutters has started. He noted that when the building’s original gutters were removed, they were discovered to be copper; they were recycled and are worth $800, which went to the department’s Christmas fund. The lighting project began with LEDs replacing bulbs and new ballasts being installed as needed.

• EMA Director Brian Horn discussed the Hazardous Materials Emergency Preparedness Grant to Commissioners, who approved his submission. The state reimburses 80% of the grant once the funding has been spent. Horn is submitting the request this week for $19,700, of which $16,400 would be reimbursed, along with funding for first aid kits, accommodation at training conferences and portable computer equipment.

• Horn submitted an insurance claim for the county’s new drone, which was purchased with ARPA funds. He and two assistants will receive their certification on the machine in May.

• And, Horn also reported that the river stadium was at 21 feet on Tuesday morning and should reach the pool stadium at 15-16 feet on Wednesday April 13. It was reported at 31.8 feet when the commission last met on March 22.

The next regular committee meeting will be at 8:45 a.m. on Tuesday, April 19.

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