Cardinal Reinstates Chicago Pastor | Crime and courts


Pfleger’s supporters rallied behind him, including earlier this year when Saint Sabina announced that she was withholding $ 100,000 in monthly dues from the Archdiocese until he completed his investigation.

Days earlier, the Illinois Department of Child and Family Services confirmed that its investigation was deemed “unfounded.” Under state law, however, DCFS can only investigate allegations of abuse or neglect in cases where a child is currently involved.

The brothers are in their early sixties.

Pfleger, 72, maintained his innocence in comments posted on social media. His legal team said the brothers’ claims were false, concocted in the hope of receiving a financial settlement. They noted that the younger brother sent Pfleger a letter asking for $ 20,000 just before filing a complaint with the archdiocese.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said Monday she was grateful for Pfleger to return to St. Sabina. She described Pfleger as “a major center of gravity in the community of Auburn Gresham and I know he is a conscience for many of us regarding the issues of gun violence that plague far too many communities in this town. And he is an advocate, an advocate for victims.

Lightfoot also said the accusers “deserve to be heard.”

“The Archdiocese went through a process to assess these allegations and again we will learn more in the coming days, I suspect what that process was,” she said, “but the fact that these men to come forward and speak their truth is something we can never undermine or underestimate. “

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