Buttigieg and Lightfoot discuss proposals to make transportation fairer in Chicago – NBC Chicago

Dry Transport. Pete Buttigieg was in Chicago on Saturday speaking to the city’s political leaders about efforts to encourage fair and equitable transportation options for all residents.

Buttigieg appeared at 56e The Rainbow PUSH Coalition’s annual international convention in Kenwood on Saturday, speaking about the critical nature of investing in communities underserved by public transit, and how those investments will help strengthen those communities and reduce crime in the process.

“We believe that if we invest in places that have been disinvested for years or decades, we create opportunities that lead to security,” he said.

Buttigieg spoke to congressmen on behalf of Chicago on the federal government’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, $2.5 billion of which is for investments in the city’s transit system.

The main beneficiary of this investment will be the city’s plan to extend the CTA red line beyond 95e Street, according to Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

“This extension of the red line will go to the limits of our city,” she said.

Lightfoot says the funding will also go towards tackling so-called “transit deserts,” highlighting neighborhoods like Altgeld Gardens and Roseland.

“These communities desperately need the support that the red line will give them,” she said.

Lightfoot said his administration’s vision is to transform the entire city into a “15-minute city,” meaning all residents would be within 15 minutes of urban amenities.

“As we build our infrastructure, we have to do it smartly,” she said. “So that all residents can take advantage of it… (and receive) all the opportunities that come with it.

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