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CHICAGO (CBS) – The auto-hijacking crisis in Chicago continues, with a record increase in crime.

From the start, CBS 2’s Tara Molina has followed the case of a woman who was the victim of a carjacking in Bucktown. She is monitoring the course of business, following a meeting in the neighborhood on Tuesday evening.

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The Bucktown carjacking victim in question told Molina on Wednesday that she was not happy with the latest development – to say the least. She was surrounded by three young men during the attack, and the only suspect who was brought in and charged in connection with her case was simply released from electronic surveillance – despite the fact that the county state prosecutor de Cook asked otherwise.

“It’s really scary,” said the woman, Mar. “I don’t feel safe.”

Indeed, it does not. Standing in her Bucktown neighborhood just under two months after being surrounded at gunpoint in her garage in the middle of a sunny afternoon, Mar – still comfortable with her first name – told Molina from CBS 2 that she was scared and disappointed.

“There is the whole crew that was not captured,” said Mar.

A 15-year-old girl was arrested and charged in connection with her case. He was found driving his stolen car just over 24 hours after his hijacking.

The person who accompanied the 15-year-old during his arrest fled.

The 15-year-old is charged with possession of a stolen motor vehicle. He is now with his family, but he is no longer under electronic surveillance despite the request of the state attorney’s office.

“This thief who got caught in my stolen car, which was then destroyed, is now totally free – totally free, until the next status hearing,” said Mar. “It’s just incredibly upsetting.”

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With the rise in crime, we wanted to know how standard it is. Molina asked the state attorney’s office – which, again, recommended that the teenager remain under surveillance. They returned to Molina with this statement:

“Public safety is the top priority of this office, and we will continue to hold those responsible for the conduct of violence in our communities when police make an arrest and charges are approved. CCSAO remains committed to working with our law enforcement partners to address violence and crime and will continue to prosecute criminal cases on the basis of the law and evidence as we strive to increase accountability. safety in our communities.

Meanwhile, Bucktown residents are calling for more action against carjackings. There was a large turnout on Tuesday night at a community meeting on carjacking – and the growing numbers add to their frustration.

There have been 34 car hijackings at Bucktown and Wicker Park this year, up from 15 during the same period in 2020.

“Everyone in the community feels like there isn’t enough police presence,” said Mar.

At Tuesday night’s meeting, police said they had increased their patrols here due to the spike.
But Mar says no one on her street has seen this yet.

There is another hearing on the case that we are following at the end of next month, so we will continue to monitor this closely.

Meanwhile, the state attorney’s office reported that throughout August, its prosecutors reviewed and made indictment decisions in 10 adult carjacking cases in Cook County. Charges were approved in eight of the cases.

The state attorney’s office also laid charges in 19 underage vehicle hijacking cases in Cook County in August.

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The following is a series of questions from CBS 2’s Molina and answers from State Attorney’s Office spokesperson Tandra Simonton about the minor suspect in the Mar case and his release on watch. electronic:

Q: Chicago police and city officials continue to blame the legal system, and in particular the state attorney’s office, regarding the cyclical nature of these crimes and repeat offenders or offenders with history. Does the office have an answer to this?

A: When establishing the initial bond, the prosecutor’s presentation includes a presentation of the facts of the case and the full criminal history of the arrested person. The judge then decides whether to set bail or pre-trial detention. Please note that the Juvenile Courts Act determines the criminal history of minors, if any, which can be presented by prosecutors and taken into account by the judge. With respect to an offender who is on probation or in breach of bail for an arrest in a new case, prosecutors will file a petition to violate that probation or bond and the judge then decides to set the bond or detention.

Q: With the suspect in the Bucktown case, the state attorney’s office requested that he stay on EM, but that request was denied, does this happen often?

A: While the court makes the final decision regarding juvenile custody status, including electronic surveillance release, the SAO will provide a recommendation based on facts and evidence, if any, to do so on a case-by-case basis. . We do not track this information; however, the office of the presiding judge for juveniles and / or juvenile probation (which monitors young people under electronic surveillance) should be able to provide relevant answers to questions such as the number of young people under electronic surveillance, which offenses they are charged and the duration of the electronic surveillance order.

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