Biden launches nuclear option to counter debt ceiling obstruction


President Joe biden said it was a “real possibility” that the Senate Democrats could seek to revise the obstruction rules for overcoming a Republican blockade on raising the debt ceiling.

The president made his comments Tuesday night amid a partisan deadlock in Congress over raising the government’s debt ceiling, which threatens the federal government’s credit rating and the global economy. Asked about Democrats using the “nuclear option” to prevent Republicans from filibustering to raise the debt limit, Biden said, “Oh, I think that’s a real possibility.”

Senator Dick Durbin, a Democrat from Illinois, told reporters on Capitol Hill earlier this week that there had been no active discussions about a filibuster exclusion. On Tuesday he adjusted to say “there are discussions” about it, according to at La Colline.

Lawmakers supporting a filibuster exclusion argue that the 60 Senate vote threshold, which is necessary to end debate on a bill, does not apply to the debt ceiling. Democrats argue that an increase in the debt ceiling should require a simple majority of 51 votes. The 50-member conference in total, along with Vice President Kamala Harris’ decisive vote, could meet the demands of a nuclear option, although it is not clear whether party unity will prevail.


“We have very few options right now, so one of the options is clearly to have limited rule change,” noted Senator Chris Murphy, a Democrat from Connecticut. “I don’t know where all of my colleagues are.”

Republicans want the spending Democrats themselves to raise the limit, while the latter accuse GOP lawmakers of playing political games and say the debt ceiling shouldn’t be a partisan issue. Biden criticized Republicans’ inaction as Congress faces an Oct. 18 deadline to allow more borrowing to keep the government functional after building up a record public debt of $ 28.4 trillion.

Leader of the minority in the Senate Mitch mcconnell refused to move in favor of Republican support to pass the bill to raise the debt ceiling.

“There is no scenario in God’s Green Land where it should be worth risking millions of jobs, billions of household wealth, people’s social security checks, veterans’ benefits and another recession, just to score short-term political points, ”he said. New York chef Chuck Schumer said in a ground speech, warning that McConnell was leading the nation and the world off a fiscal cliff. “That’s what Republicans seem obsessed with doing.”

The house has pass a move on Sept. 21 to suspend the debt limit, but McConnell urged Biden on Monday to convince members of Congress to raise the debt limit along party lines.


All eyes are on centrist Sen. Joe manchin, who has opposite end the filibuster “under no circumstances”. Progressives also urged West Virginia Democrat and fellow centrist Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema to move in favor of a $ 3.5 trillion reconciliation plan, which failed to enter voting deliberations this week. last after both objected to the price of the measure.

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