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WASHINGTON, April 28, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Today, the American Fintech Council (“AFC”) announced that its Community Advisory Board is expanding to include more prominent voices in consumer advocacy, community economic development and academy. New members of the American Fintech Council Community Advisory Board include Opportunity Funding Network, the Cambridge University Center for Alternative Finance, the Coalition of African-American Credit Unions and former CFPB official Professor Christopher peterson of University of Utah.

The Community Advisory Committee will work with AFC members and leaders to advance a more accountable, inclusive and customer-centric financial system.

“We are excited to partner with the American FinTech Council as we work on our mission of creating and transferring knowledge that supports evidence-based decision making in FinTech,” said Tania Ziegler, Global Benchmarking Lead at the Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance.

In addition to deepening the dialogue between fintech, consumer advocacy and CDFIs, the AFC and its community advisory board will pursue common policy and regulatory goals addressing topics such as preventing discriminatory outcomes in the use of digital technology. artificial intelligence, responsible lending and the use of data. advance financial inclusion.

“We look forward to bringing the perspective of Community Development Finance Institutions (CDFIs) to the AFC Community Advisory Board discussions on access to responsible financial products and services,” said Dafina williams, Senior Vice President of Public Policy at Opportunity Finance Network, the national association of CDFIs.

The AFC is actively engaged with state and federal legislatures and regulators on these issues. Recently, the AFC worked with the Woodstock Institute – an existing member of the Community Advisory Board – to support passage of the Illinois Black Legislative Caucus’s economic equity agenda, which included a 36% annual rate cap. on the model of the Military Lending Act.

“The public deserves reasonable consumer protection laws and responsible financial products,” said former official professor of the CFPB Christopher peterson. “I look forward to volunteering with the American Fintech Council to help expand the federal interest rate limit that currently protects military service members to include all Americans.

Existing members of the Community Advisory Board include the Woodstock Institute, the Accion Opportunity Fund, the Capital Good Fund and Professor Cornelius hurley of Boston university.

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