35 displaced residents of Glen Oak Towers await housing


PEORIA (WEEK) – Dozens of people are staying at the Baymont Inn and Suites, awaiting news of their next living space.

Peoria Fire Department operations chief Rick Morgan said 35 residents remained displaced as the Glen Oak Towers continued their restoration.

Teams were at the building on Wednesday to clean up the water and smoke damage.

Morgan said the fire occurred on the fourth floor and the apartments below would soon be habitable.

“They plan to bring the residents back in a few days,” Morgan said.

“I think this gave the catering team enough time to return the apartments to them so that they could fit into the apartment,” he added.

Hotel workers told 25 News those residents had until 11 a.m. Thursday morning to stay.

A resident said she was offered another unit at Glen Oak Towers, but was unsure if she wanted to return.

The manager of the complex said he worked tirelessly to find residents a living space, either by moving them to new apartments or to the hotel until other accommodation became available.

Blake Williams of the American Red Cross said the organization is providing lunch to residents and will continue to help as needed.

“We provided them with a meal, but I know the property management company went out of their way to provide additional meals,” Williams said.

“We will continue to monitor their needs, speak with customers, speak with the company and determine what other services we can provide in the future,” added Williams.

Morgan said seven residents were taken to hospital on Monday and their condition was unknown.

He said they still considered the fire to be accidental, but it was still under investigation.

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